Friday, 24 October 2014

LIGHT RUNNER – Bench Top Laboratory

As you are already aware, our in-house developed product Light Runner is a highly advanced industry oriented Fiber Optics Training Solutions. It’s mainly bridging the gap between Industry & Academics.

We are enhancing our Light Runner experiment list by including 2 new experiments-
Numerical Aperture & Modes in Optical Fiber are the basics & fundamentals of any telecommunication network. Theoretical concept of these experiments can be practically studied using our stand alone product. All necessary components & accessories are supplied with Light Runner.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Eagle Photonics – Fiber Optics Expert in India

Eagle Photonics Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2002, Bangalore. It is one of the leading Fiber Optics Company in India. It is a unique Training, Services & Consultancy organization in South Asia with an excellent reputation for Sales & Distribution of Fiber Optic Products.

EPPL is known as a trailblazer in providing Telecom Technology and Management Trainings (Technical/Non-technical) in India & abroad. Our footprints are already marked in Asia-Pacific region, Middle East and African countries. We aspire to scale our presence further in India and overseas with reach widened across the globe.

EPPL provides Professional Services in the area of Telecommunications. This includes Installation, Commissioning and Testing of SDH, DWDM & FTTx backbone networks, Outside Plant (OSP) & Turnkey projects, Traffic migration or re-routing & Software up-gradation.

EPPL as Consultancy shares Skilled Man Power Solutions & provides Transmission/Maintenance equipments on rental basis. Eagle Photonics is a leading Fiber Optics Product Supplier & Distributer in India. We are authorized stockiest for FIS products. 

Eagle Photonics is glorified by strong client list which includes, leading telecom companies, R & D centres and Technical Institutes which goes beyond Indian shores to all over the world.
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Eagle Photonics – A Milestone in Fiber Optics Products Suppliers

Optical Fibers are used in Fiber Optic Communications which are used to transmit data over large distances. Optical Fibers are highly immune to Electromagnetic interference and can transmit data with less data loss and cross talk over large distances. They are very flexible and less prone to breakage and can be easily bundled as cables.
Optical Fiber contains an Inner core and an Outer Cladding, light travels between core and cladding and thus transmits the data. Both the layers are made of dielectric material and the refractive index of core will be higher than cladding. Optical Fibers uses total internal reflection between core and cladding to transmit the data in the form of light.
Optical Fibers can be Single mode or Multi mode. Single mode Optical fiber have small core diameter whereas Multi mode has large core diameter. Optical Fibers can be made with glass or plastic.
Now a days many Telephonic Companies are replacing the old traditional metal wires with Optical Fibers as they are light in weight and easy to manage. There are large number of companies which supplies Fiber Optic Products. Eagle Photonics is one of the leading Fiber Optics Company dealing with Fiber Optic manufacture and Superior Fiber optic product supplier.
We are experienced in designing and manufacturing cables to meet different customer requirements. The products are built with most sophisticated standards and the technology used in manufacturing makes it the unique product in global market.
No Doubt, buying a high graded optical fiber product is the first criteria- but this will not suffice the entire need, the product should also be installed and tested with proper experience and care to enjoy its maximum performance and make more reliable systems. There are certain guidelines which are to followed while installing the Fiber Optic cables and equipments as installing is not a difficult task but it has certain issues which are known only to those who are properly trained and have much expertise in that area, otherwise it may lead to damage. So, apart from designing and manufacturing the fiber optical products -Eagle Photonics also provides installation services for the Fiber Optic Products in India.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fiber optics: manufacturing companies in India and the technology behind it

Fiber optics is a worldwide adopted and an extremely robust means of data transmission. It is a science of high-speed transmission of data using optical fibers. In a country like India, which is witnessing technology advancements at an exponential rate, the demand for fiber optics has increasingly led to the establishment of many companies who aim at providing quality fiber optic solutions and services. Many eminent personalities, graduated from some of the most prestigious colleges of India like the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and having many years of industry experience in networking and communication, have jumped into this lucrative field. They have started their own ventures and are striving to provide quality services in this emerging but competitive business.

Most of the people must be aware, assuming that this was a part of their school curriculum, that an optical fiber is extremely thin (about the thickness of a human hair) and is transparent. It is made of plastic and uses the principle of 'total internal reflection' to transmit data from one end to the other. The advantage of this is that there is zero percent loss of data since the light is completely reflected inside the fiber. This allows for data transmission over very long distances at high bandwidth. It may seem complex but its a very basic scientific phenomenon. The refraction of light causes hallucinations such as a 'mirage' in desert or smoky effects near vehicles in a traffic-jam on a hot sunny day.

The construction of an optical fiber consists of two parts - an inner core and an outer cladding. These parts have different refractive indexes. In layman terms, they have different densities. The outer cladding has lesser density than the inner core. Light bends while travelling through mediums having different densities. When projected at a certain angle, light does not permeate through the fiber and gets totally reflected from the junction of the core and the cladding. Most fiber optic companies manufacture two types of optical fibers - Single Mode Fiber and Multi Mode Fiber. Some companies also manufacture a special-purpose fiber which is non-cylindrical in shape and features a non circular cross-section.

This technology, though a lot better than traditional metallic wire transmission, had one big drawback - the fiber could not bend at extreme angles such as 90 degrees as it was not flexible enough. Companies such as Corning have overcome this problem through years of intensive research and development. Another issue faced by optical fibers is 'attenuation'. It is a phenomenon by which the intensity of light is reduced when it travels great distances. This is primarily due to the scattering of light inside the optical fiber. The reason behind this is mostly the uneven surface at the junction of the core and the cladding at microscopic levels. Another reason could be the absorption of ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths of light while it travels through the fiber optic medium.

This technology has found numerous takers in India as it is cheap, reliable and low on maintenance. Many telecom companies such as Reliance Telecom, Bharti Airtel etc. have switched to optical fiber technology. The use of fiber optics has enabled them to expand their network and provide quality services in even very remote parts of India.

Optical fiber companies in India are catering to the needs of the market by manufacturing and supplying many special types of optical fibers. Optical fibers are widely used medical field, spectroscopy, decoration purposes and military.

With the vast technological advancements, fiber optics is no more a dream or a thing of the future. Rather, it has become a reality and a widely-popular tool for the present which has changed the face of the telecommunication and many other industries. The fiber optic companies in India will continue to strive and unlock a world of new possibilities which will surely lead to the transformation of the world we currently live in.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Eagle Infotek- Big Data: Programming in Hadoop

Technology is progressing at a speed equivalent to the speed of light and to keep ourselves updated along with the progress of the technology, we need to keep on learning. One such emerging technology is Hadoop which is used to handle Big Data. As the amount of data to be captured or processed is increasing, the conventional relational database management system is proving to be difficult to use. Apache Hadoop is the answer for that. Hadoop has the mechanism to store huge data in a distributed file system.

Hadoop has been largely accepted by many IT majors like Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc. Hadoop has also been listed in the list of most sought for technical skills of recent time. Also tech pundits have predicted that Hadoop will be the future for handling large data along with Cloud Computing in coming years.

In a step ahead to train people in this technology in high demand, Eagle Infotek in association with 4thDymension Teknocrats has organised a 3 days training for industry professionals starting from 27th November, 2013. After proving to be one of the best organisation working in the photonics technology area, Eagle Infotek now wants to educate people about Programming in Hadoop. This training sessions will cover Big Data and Hadoop systems, Hadoop Data File Systems, Hive and Pig interface to Hadoop. The training will be given by passionate and highly experienced industry professional so that the attendees get to know the real time experience of people who have already used Hadoop. The training module has been devised by industry expert in a view to impart as much real time knowledge as possible."
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